Question: How many apartments are there to choose from?

Answer: We have over 200 fully furnished apartments.

Question: Where are they located?

Answer: Top 5 Silicon Valley Cities.

Question: I don’t like my roommates, what do I do?

Answer: No problem, we can relocate you.

Question: Can we share a bed?

Answer: Yes, we can accommodate for couples.

Question: Does it include my own room/apt?

Answer: No it is shared living, if you would like to rent the entire please contact us.

Question: What if my roommate doesn’t make their payment?

Answer: Don’t worry, there is no roommate credit risk.

Question: Do I maintain Cleaning the apartments?

Answer: No, bi weekly housekeeping is included.

Question: I don’t want to share, what do I do?

Answer: You can rent the entire place, contact us for more information.

Question: Am I responsible for any other fees?

Answer: No, your rent includes everything you need to live, except food and premium services.